Have you taken a Babymoon? Want to?

I always find it interesting when my mommy world and Wayne's tourism world collide.  We were watching an old episode of Don't Forget the Lyrics on Netflix this morning when the term Babymoon came up... I've known the term for years - it's pretty commom on mommy and pregnancy websites and many blogs I read, but to my tourism researcher hubby it was a brand new term...  and now he's researching it... and he's asked me to share an excerpt from his blog post on Babymoons today:

Not that we do not have enough subareas in tourism (e.g eco-tourism, dark tourism etc.) a new term was raised to me today that I had never heard of previously, babymoon.
A babymoon started off as a couple travelling shortly after the birth of a little one as sort of a bonding experience.  The term has since evolved to mean a trip taken shortly before the little one is born as a last hurrah for the parents.  A last chance for the couple to bond before the little one arrives.  The term has also been used to describe a trip in which a couple has decided to try to start a family while on said trip.  Does this count as a well conceived conception?
This seems like an interesting phenomenon.  Has anyone out there taken a babymoon or would like to?  What would be the motivation for such a trip?  Do you think this trip is more for the man or for the woman?  This is such an interesting type of travel and I would love to learn more about it.  

I think I've opened up a new can of worms, but he's so eager... please share your thoughts about babymoons here: