A family tale... and a craft idea ~ T-shirt pillows

I was reading this comic today and it hit home...
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One of the things I am constantly arguing with Robyn about is how long she holds on to clothes... heck, up until a few weeks ago she wore a pair of size 8 girls pj bottoms around the house... she's been shopping in the Jrs section for two years!  When she was young, she went so far as to cut a favorite t-shirt at the neck so she could fit it over her head to keep wearing it...

Eventually, I had to put my foot down... and especially now when she's a teenager, there are only so much skin I'll let out of the house... but a few years ago we came up with a solution that works for us... clothing, particularly t-shirts that she has outgrown get re-made into pillows!

Here's an example of one:

This is a great project for kids to learn how to sew - as you can see, the seams aren't perfect on the pillow, but I think that's part of the charm...

How to create your own pillow:

You will need:
A t-shirt, onesie, or other item of clothes (clean of course)
Needle and thread or threaded sewing machine

1. Turn your clothing item inside out and stitch around all but one of the openings (or leave a 3 inch gap in one opening) using the needle and thread or sewing machine.

2. Using the gap/opening - turn your item back to right-side out.

3. Stuff with fiberfill and enjoy!