My Top 5 Things to Shop for at After Christmas Sales

In Canada we call it Boxing Day - after the  British tradition of the wealthy trading places with their servants who had worked on Christmas Day, and also when they 'boxed up' leftovers and gently used items to share with those less fortunate... but in reality the day after Christmas has become synonymous with shopping for sales!

So what do I buy at After Christmas Sales?

WRAPPING PAPER - I try to find colored foil, striped, patterned and other wrapping paper that doesn't scream Christmas and get a great deal on paper I can use year round

BOWS and RIBBONS - along the same lines, gold and silver and other foil bows tend to go on sale after Christmas and I totally take advantage to stock up for the whole year!

GIFT BASKETS and GIFT SETS - This is a fabulous way to score great deals on every day items and special treats - I especially look for gift sets on make up or beauty products I'd need to buy anyway and they're often 75-90% off

TOYS - I shop for toys all year round to get great deals, so I always keep my eyes peeled for good deals for toys in my kids age ranges - even if my own kids don't need something, I can be prepared for the inevitable collection of birthday parties and events that I'll need gifts for

LINENS - yep, this is the perfect time of year to get tea towels, table linens etc at great discounts - if you can find plain red, green, white or silver or gold, tartan patterns or simple stars or other more generic patterns they are great for year round use and because they are packaged as 'Christmas' they'll be a great price!

Bonus - CANDY & CHOCOLATE - like every other holiday, there is always a whole range of candy that has been wrapped specifically for the holiday - and if all you're going to do is eat it who cares whether it says Merry Christmas... I also love to get flavored hot chocolates at this time of the year - again, who cares what the package looks like...

What do you shop for at After Christmas sales?