Congrats to My Hubby, his colleague and his student on their latest publication!

Congratulations to my wonderful hubby, Wayne, on his twenty-fifth journal article!

Congratulations to his former student, Emily on her first publication!  

And of course a mention of one of my favorite people, Steve Litvin... who is one of the most published guys I know in the Tourism field!

This is a fun article examining people who do not travel.  You can read the entire article here.



Tourism marketers focus on understanding the many different segments that comprise their visitors. Understanding these segments’ motivations for travel is important in order to motivate repeat visitation and to attract like-minded consumers to visit. But how about those who do not travel? This surprisingly large percentage of the population is a lost opportunity for the industry. The research that follows, based upon a very significant USA-based sample of non-travelers, suggests that non-travelers can be effectively segmented and targeted. Understanding these segments will better allow vacation marketers to craft their product and their message, hopefully bringing more travelers to the mix.


Non-travel; travel motivations; segmentation analysis; ethnicity.