Holiday Gift Guide R & G - Lovable Labels

Those who have been following my blog for a while know that I am a huge fan of Lovable Labels!  They make great labels for kids, home and more!  Everything I've received from them has been of the highest quality and matches what they advertise, which is so important in a company that does business on the internet!

This month, I switched things up!  I took advantage of being a Lovebug, which enabled me to stock up on a whole variety of products by cashing in my rewards, so instead of reviewing the labels personally, I sent a special gift to my niece, Ella, in Toronto! 

Ella got sent a set of personalized labels from the Holly Jolly Gift Pack:

The Holly Jolly Gift Pack - Christmas Jewels was designed with the essentials in mind. Wrapped in a pretty red foil package, the recipient will receive 

  • 15 Multi-Purpose Stickers, 
  • 40 Slimline Labels, 
  • 12 Shoe Labels, 
  • 24 Press N' Stick Clothing DOTS (6 Large, 6 Medium and 12 Small) and 
  • 2 Mini-Metal Tags. 
Everything you need to cover the basics and more!
(image shown depicts the colour for each label type).

For Ella, the choice was simple - she's a girl who loves her pink, purple and red... but if you are looking for a gift for a boy or a girl who wants more variety in her color then you can easily choose the Holly Jolly Gift Pack - Santa's Pick that has a whole range of color:

When Ella first opened the package she was so excited - I was able to further personalize her Christmas Jewels pack by picking one of 45 different icons to go with her name... and I chose this cute little ladybug:

Ella has used her stickers to decorate her shoes, her books, her bike and more!  She's so proud that she was able to put her name on everything, despite the fact that her younger sister doesn't seem to notice her ownership much - she's only 8 months old after all...

I love that I was able to send such a useful and personalized gift to my niece and think it would make an excellent stocking stuffer or gift for any child!  At only $24.99, you get a lot of gift for your money!  There is also a smaller pack - The Santa Sampler Gift pack - which is available in either color scheme for only $14.99!

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One lucky Acting Balanced reader will also win their choice of a Christmas Jewels or Santa's Pick Holly Jolly Gift Pack- just fill out the rafflecopter form below:

Disclaimer: I received this product at no cost to me for the purpose of writing my review.  All opinions are my own.