Finding a High School for Robyn

In this day and age there are no clear cut answers to the question of which high school Robyn should consider - everyone has their opinions of course, but she's in a very unique position - she will emerge from middle school with several high school credits - more than most kids do... and that gives us some unique advantages and challenges.

We visited an open house today that featured all of the magnet and charter high school options in Charleston County and stopped and talked to most of them... and I was struck by one thing - half of the places we talked to gave the impression that we would be lucky if we were chosen to attend their programs, while the other half genuinely wanted to engage Robyn and asked her questions and were excited that she might consider them... and to me that made a big impression.

The program that impressed me the most had a great sales pitch - they've partnered with the three largest post-secondary institutitions in town so that the kids who take their AP credits will actually take them AT UNIVERSITY while still in high school!  That is a huge plus for us - they've actually said that she could come out with 15 or more AP credits and that they'd work with her to incorporate ALL of the courses she brings from Haut Gap... the only one of the four programs that we asked specifically about how her credits would be accepted to make that claim.

We still have a long month ahead of us in November - actually attending open house nights and visiting the schools while they're in progress to get a feel for their culture, but I have to say that I'm rooting for the one who actually wants my child to go there...

If your children had choice for High School, how did you decide?  What factors were important for you?  What should I be considering?