#Giveaway and Review: Alphabeasts

I love finding quirky and personalized toys and so when I was approached by Alphabeasts to do a review, I immediately checked out these funky new toys and chose the one I thought was the cutest for one of my kids!  I chose to get an Alphabeast for Erik - and one lucky Acting Balanced reader will win one too!

Alphabeasts are actually meant to work in conjunction with each other and the website has some great ideas for using the whole Alphabeasts clan to help teach letter recognition, letter sounds and spelling, but with only one Alphabeast joining our family for this review, I picked out E - Eioio to join our family:
One of the things that impressed me most about Eioio was the construction!  There are no buttons or other small parts to come off - everything is embroidered or appliqued right on to the fabric, making it perfectly safe around young children!  Erik has adopted Eioio and he's now one of his go to toys to sleep and cuddle with:
I also really like that each Alphabeast is dual sided - on Eioio the Purple side has a lowercase E and his blue side has an uppercase E - again, a great teaching feature!

One of the other things I really like is that each Alphabeast is really different - different size, expression and shape, so that if you did have a whole set you could expand beyond the letters on their chests to do other kinds of matching and sorting - one eye vs two eyes, ears vs no ears etc.  

Another cool idea would be to get all the Alphabeasts in your child's name and use them to decorate their room- especially if you have a monsters theme or just a really brightly colored room!

Now that we have Eioio, I really do want to get the whole collection but we just don't have room - if I ever go back to teaching I'd love to have them all in my classroom though - isn't this adorable:

Disclaimer: I received this product at no cost for the purpose of writing my review. All opinions are my own.