Rafflecopter Invites #Giveaway

I have five Rafflecopter invitations for bloggers who do giveaways on their blogs and want to try out the Rafflecopter widget!

Since I've had several people inquiring about how I got involved with Rafflecopter, I am doing the logical thing and hosting a giveaway for the five codes... and using Rafflecopter to host it, of course!

I have to say that Rafflecopter has made my life incredibly easier - my standard entries are ready to go and I can just duplicate and enhance my template rather than typing out everything every time I start a new giveaway - plus, I know that it has streamlined the process of entering my giveaways for you as well!

Rafflecopter is still in beta and they are still tweaking the final product, which to me means that it will only get better and better, so if you want to get on board and check out this great widget, enter the giveaway here: