Product Review: Dispose-It-Guard

One of the things that's different with the boys as toddlers/preschoolers than when Robyn was little is that we now have a powerful garbage disposal unit in our sink.  I am fortunate that Liam hates the sound of it so he'll probably never seek it out, but Erik... Erik is going to be my child who is into everything - who am I kidding, he is already into everything at his level... and the next step will be when he starts stepping up onto the kitchen stool to use the kitchen sink... and when he does, I want to be prepared, so I've been testing out the Dispose-It-Guard.

From the Manufacturer:
The Dispose-It-Guard is a heavy duty sink stopper and strainer that is used in place of a garbage disposal stopper. But its more than just a stopper, the Dispose-It-Guard can also be used as a safety poker and scraper to help keep the garbage disposal clean and children from getting their hands stuck. Whether parents are teaching kids to cook or having them take part in clean up duties, the Dispose-It-Guard is the ultimate garbage disposal accessory that will give parents peace of mind.

My Review:

What I like about this product is that it thinks of everything all in one package... it not only keeps little fingers out of a dangerous place, but it also acts as a stopper, strainer, poker and scraper without ever leaving the sink!  I also like that it cleans up easily - my daughter has a tendency to just dump her plate without looking, so getting goopy food off of the Dispose-It-Guard was one of my challenges and it came through with flying colors.

It is simple to install and remove when necessary and it keeps other things from falling into the disposal, like the rubber stoppers from sippy cups and those kiddy sized utensils...

The scraper has also come in handy on several occasions, making using the disposal more functional and less time consuming, and at only $16.95 the Dispose-It-Guard offers peace of mind and functionality for your kitchen sink.

If you have young children, or even if you don't, I recommend checking out the Dispose-It-Guard to replace your disposal cap and all of the other tools it replaces.

I did have one small issue with my Dispose-It-Guard, but the customer service and attention to detail was amazing, so I know that I can heartily recommend the Dispose-It-Guard to my readers.

You can get more info and order yours at

Disclaimer: I received the Dispose-It-Guard at no cost for the purpose of completing my review.  All opinions are my own.