#Giveaway and Review - Stila and Kidtoons Team Up!

Every once in a while you find a symbiotic relationship that makes you look again!  I've been working with Kidtoons for several months now, offering you great giveaway prizes to help promote their Kids Films, and now, Kidtoons is partnering with Stila Cosmetics to offer something for Moms who like to take their kids to the movies!

They've teamed up with Stila Cosmetics to create a new segment for Kidtoons called,"Wake Up Your Make Up." This segment features a 90 second make-over of one of our Kidtoon moms by renowned make-up artist Sarah Lucero. 

I had the opportunity to check out the "Convertible Colors" in Rose.  It's Stila's ingenious lipstick and blush-in-one that proves to be irresistible.  Here's a synopsis of the product:

This versatile favorite brightens cheeks and lips with creamy, translucent color. Tap onto cheeks and press onto lips. The sheer tint adds an inherent glow to the cheeks while lips bloom with fresh, radiant color. Stila's two-in-one compact holds the key to easy, monochromatic makeup. A must-have in every Stila girl's kit. 

My review:

When I first opened the package, I was a little worried, because it was definitely ROSE!  I was expecting to see a muted color, but this was not that, so I was a little afraid to use it on my cheeks - since I'm not usually a big blush person.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that it went on very easily and very sheer and it was really easy to control how much color I was putting on - and where it was going!  I'd never used a cream blush before, but I am definitely going to be doing it more often!

As a lip gloss, this is fabulous - again, it's sheer, so the color is beautiful but not overwhelming and it really stays in place!  I love that I can just toss one compact into my purse and have the versatility of two products!

The best part is that you can win your own Convertible Color compact in Rose here on Acting Balanced!  And on top of that, you can also enter to win Stila and Kidtoons contest to win $500 in make-up!  Stila is also offering Kidtoon moms 20% off and free shipping on product ordered through http://www.stilacosmetics.com/mom/, with a special STILAMOM coupon code.