#Giveaway and Review - Alphabet Scoop

I haven't found a Hasbro game yet that my family doesn't like... and we haven't broken that streak with this one:

SCRABBLE ALPHABET SCOOP is the first word game for players as young as five-years-old. Family members of all ages can grab their spoon, roll up their sleeves and dive into the frenzied spelling action in a race to scoop up a three, four or five-letter word. Each player gets a card and selects which word they are aiming to spell. On the count of three, everyone digs in to scoop out the letters needed to spell their word. But watch out for flies in your soup! If you scoop up a fly, you must return all your letter tiles to the bowl and start over again. The first player to spell the word on their card and shout “Yummy!” as they put the lid on the bowl wins!

My Review:  We sat down to play this as a multi-generational game - my 13 year old daughter, my mother-in-law and I (with my 4 year old as my 'helper') sat down after dinner the other night to try out the game.  We played several rounds and had a great time!  My son was really fascinated by the tiles and after we finished the game, he and I spent some time just making words with the tiles...  There is one thing that I'd change with the game though - I'd have included a bag to put the tiles in when the game wasn't in use - or made it so that when you put the game away, you could lock the lid in place - it's hard to put Alphabet Scoop into our game cupboard because it's accessible and it has already fallen off the top of the game pile and spilled, creating a tile version of 52 pick-up.  Everyone enjoyed our family game night - and this is definitely a great way to teach younger children about letters and spelling.

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