Getting Organized with and #GIVEAWAY ENTRY!

I had a situation this summer that I have to say quite frankly embarrassed me to no end... I misplaced my file with all of our pertinent information - marriage certificate, birth certs for the kids ... you name it... I knew where it was in the fall and then we moved everything around for the baby's arrival and whoosh - it was all gone!  And of course I needed to get my hands on it recently - and I've been tearing apart the house ever since - I now know where it isn't but that's not helping me figure out what I did with it....

However - as I go through the hassle of replacing important documents - I am glad to have found a great new digital filing system and more that is helping me figure out how to get organized and how to declutter my systems.

One of the things that I dread most about back to school is filling out all of the forms... and having all of the information at my fingertips - so what I did this year was enter everything I needed for each child into my account and now, next year I will have everything at my fingertips!  I am also going to scan all of the replacement documents that I've ordered and note their locations in my paper files, right on the kids online files!

I'm still exploring all of the things that can do - but I'm so impressed about what I can do to keep me organized and record what is going on with my family and the kids!

You can check out this cool video that shows one aspect of - how you can keep track of your kids school info:

So far, I've found that has been easy to use, quick to navigate and it gives me prompts and ideas as I go along to build my knowledge and help make me more comfortable!  Their customer service is great - I've had a couple of emails with great explanations and encouragement!  Although I haven't explored all of's potential, I know that this tool will help keep me organized and able to find what I need at my fingertips!

Check out AboutOne.Com for yourself:
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