Website Review:

I love discovering new websites, especially when they have such a wide variety of easily searchable toys, puzzles and games! is a one-stop shop for high quality activity products for children of all ages and stages!

One of the first things that makes E-Beanstalk stand out for me is that you can easily pull up exactly what you want for the appropriately aged child - which makes it easy for friends and grandparents to shop!  For instance, when I was searching for gifts for 2 year olds, all I had to do was click the link and PRESTO!  I had information about what two year olds liked, and links to find specific toys for boys or girls - or to find a toy with a specific purpose - imaginative, emotional, educational etc...  I also love that each toy has a message about why it was chosen to be at!

Another way to search is by specific category of toy - for instance Wooden Toys are really popular in our house right now because they are fun and really durable!  I especially like some of the more unique toys, like the Click-Clack Ball Track!

I think Erik and even Liam could have hours of fun with this to!  With over 50 toys in the Wooden Toys category - they really do have some fabulous toys for anyone on your birthday, Christmas or just because gift list!

Liam is currently outgrowing his preschool puzzles and is ready to do harder ones, so I browsed around the site to see what kinds of puzzles they would recommend for his upcoming 5th birthday! 

What I found was this fun and exciting Melissa and Doug Giant Fire Truck floor puzzle - with 24 pieces, it is still easily completed but offers Liam more of a challenge than his wooden puzzles!  And it's a firetruck - what more could a 5 year old boy want?

If you are shopping for toys, puzzles, games, arts and crafts or other activities for your children or as a gift, I highly recommend checking out!

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