Ten reasons why I would want to visit Virgina Beach

As many of you know, as part of our trip to Ontario this year, we had the opportunity to spend some time in London, Ontario for Wayne's TTRA conference... well next year the conference will be in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and I'm already planning what kinds of great family entertainment that the kids and I can partake in while he's hanging out with the other tourism researchers...

The first place I stopped at was the Virginia Beach CVB and poking around there I've found way more than ten reasons to visit, but the top ten for my family are:

10. Great hiking and nature trails - There are some great barrier islands and one of the places that looks fabulous is Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge where we can either hike or bike through all sorts of fabulous habitats!  There are also five different Virginia State Parks to check out... definitely a great way to get exercise and check out the scenery!

9. Water!  Robyn loves the ocean and all of the kids love the beach, but we're also up for trying out new water parks and from their website, Ocean Breeze Waterpark looks like it would totally fit the bill!

8. There are also some other great adventures available for Robyn - she's the thrill seeker in the family and something like a parasail adventure might just be right up her alley!

7. Liam is still a pretty fishy guy, so a stop at the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center is probably in order too...  

6. I'm hoping that the convention hotel is great for families, but even if it isn't, there is a whole lot of choice in accommodations in Virginia Beach - everything from traditional hotels to vacation rental homes to  local campgrounds - there's something for everyone!

5. Seafood, seafood and more seafood... Anyplace with local fishing and great restaurants is a-okay in my book!

4. If I can sneak out without the kids for a little while, I'd love to check out Coastal Food Tours of Virginia and take a 3 hour walking tour to check out some of Virginia Beach's great cuisine!

3. Great events - in every season there seems to be a festival, concert, event or something great going on... 

2. They have Canada Days discounts for us Canucks!  All you need is a valid Canadian passport and you can get accomodation, attraction and other great discounts and deals!

1. There really is something for everyone - whether you want to be active, kick back and relax, explore or just bond as a family - Virginia Beach has something for everyone - and with a family with diverse interests, this is a truly great thing for us!

Have you visited Virginia Beach?   What was your favorite thing to see, do, eat or place to stay?  If you're considering visiting there what do you want to do?

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