Let uSell help you Reuse or Recycle... your electronics and cell phones

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of uSell for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

One of the things about upgrading cell phones and electronics like digital cameras and mp3 players is that your old one is still good and would probably be useful to someone else - but the hassle of finding a buyer, and dealing with shipping and the like means that my old ones get relegated to the back of the closet.... and unless I decide one day to open up an antique electronics museum there is little chance that they will ever see the light of day again...

That's why I'm glad that I found uSell - a website search engine that helps you get Cash for Your Cell Phones and Electronics!  uSell is a selective search engine that screens buyers for you and offers a 100% Max Cash Guarantee that ensures you get the most cash for your item or uSell will pay the difference.  

And it's easy! When you send a phone or other personal electronic item to a buyer on uSell.com, that buyer will wipe the data from your device, test it and then send you payment. While all of the services listed on uSell.com wipe data, your data is ultimately your responsibility. After you receive payment, the buyer will refurbish your gadget and sell it on the secondary market.

I have to say that after coming home from vacation, I am ready to de-clutter and having some extra cash to put into the vacation fund for the next trip would be great...  so I am going hunting for some of my extra cell phones and electronic devices and heading to uSell to see what I can get!

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