#GIVEAWAY and Guest Post: Great books for 2nd and 3rd Graders

I am pleased to be hosting Renee Hand as part of her Pump Up Your Book tour:

The Joe-Joe Nut and Biscuit Bill Adventure Series is about animal detectives, which is for readers in 2nd and 3rd grade and up. In this series children will learn about animal tracks, as well as rocks and minerals. My new release is book 2 in the Joe-Joe Nut Series called Mineral Mischief. Teachers, homeschool parents and librarians can use Mineral Mischief in so many ways. Each suspect in the story collects a specific rock or mineral. For example, Liam the Llama loves volcanoes, so he collects igneous rocks and has a variety of different kinds, but there are specific rocks in his collection that have some very unique properties, he shares this with the reader. In fact, all the suspects share something special about their collections.

The reader will learn from this. Also, in the back of the book I’ve included lots of educational information that teachers can use in the classroom to further understanding of rocks and minerals. I added a diagram of the rock cycle, which can be referred to at anytime. I’ve created various experiments where students can make predictions by using various charts. Terminology is included in the back as well as a ‘Did You Know’ section. I also incorporate a discussion about bullying, which one of the characters is involved with. The character also finds a solution to this problem which all children can benefit from. The information that I have in the book can be used to fill the National Standards Science Requirement for this topic.

Renee Hand writes because it is a passion in her heart. She is a homeschool parent and likes to create books that educate and inspire the children of today. She was born in Michigan and still lives there with her husband and two children. She has a degree in Zoology with a minor in Chemistry. Renee is an award-winning author,
receiving awards such as a Best Book Award, a National Literary Award and a Preferred Choice award for her children's series and adult books. She has just recently won a Seal of Excellence award in Storytelling for her Joe-Joe Nut and Biscuit Bill Series. She has been writing for over twenty-five years and has nine
books published. When she is not spending time with her family or participating in author events, she is coaching and playing tennis, as well as doing research for her books and many other things that keep her busy. Not quite sure what a cryptogram is and want to learn more?

Visit the author's website at www.reneeahand.com to learn about cryptograms and how to solve the ones that are in the books. She also blogs at http://thecryptocapersseries.blogspot.com/

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