Friday Fragments

Well, we had an interesting trip to London, Ontario for Wayne's conference... and by we, I mean all five of us...

I learned a few things:

Never take my kids to museums during the last week of school... teachers and parents are way more willing to let the hordes of kids swing from the rafters and scare the heck out of my skittish child with autism

a hotel room with 2 double beds is not really enough room ... we did really well in a room with 2 queens, but without that extra foot per bed the kids could not sleep together and Wayne ended up on the floor one night because he got kicked out of bed...

Sometimes just hopping in the car and looking for a destination once you're moving can work - we found a great indoor playground that kept all three kids happy for almost 3 hours!

My kids really are good car trippers - which is a good thing ... since I'll be the only driver heading home with them when we go back in July...

On other topics:

I'm making good headway on this year's Canadian Treats for American Friends package... if there is something that you can think of that I should add, please let me know!

I'm also considering putting together a 4th of July Celebration box to send to my Canadian readers from the US when I get home... are there typically American treats that my Canadian readers crave that they can't get here?

I've been observing on this trip that Toronto is looking more and more like a typical American city... not sure that's a good thing... and I can honestly say that I've been having trouble finding 'Toronto the Good' beyond our friends and family.

Well, I'm all out of frags, but I'm sure you can find some great ones by checking everyone else out by clicking on this link or the button below:

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