MOM Guest Post: Motherly love: She cares for her family by Carl Mathis

A Mother is there from beginning to end. She carries the most important gift that God implants: LIFE. For approximately nine months, sometimes more, she   endures the uncomfortable posture while the embryo is growing inside her womb.

At the time of birth, the pain and suffering to deliver LIFE into this world sometimes changes the appearance of her physical body, but she perseveres.

The most important part of it all is, the love she has for her children. Such appreciation and value comes only from Motherly Love; we should never forget who she is, and what she has done.

Motherhood is a truly satisfying role. Many women have said that it’s the best job in the world, but the reward should be greater for such an important task. Here are some significant reasons for rewarding your mother.

1. A Mother Seeing her favorite food in front of her and refuses to eat it because of her physical condition when caring her child shows how much love she has inside her. The sleepless nights from the turning and kicking in her stomach reveals her determination to succeed.

2. I was told that the pain that comes from child birth could be compared to being cut several times, but a mother has to endure it for her child’s sake.

3. To insure that everything goes accordingly while her child is in its infant age (they’re so delicate and tender), she has to spend almost all of her time taking care of the young one.

4. All night and day you cried, she was patient and still loved you the more. Her eyes only shout when you take a break, she eats when you decided to take a nap, but her love never changes.

5. Wasn’t it your mother who taught you how to take a step at a time until you were able to walk, how about speak and eat, she taught you about life and how to live?

6. When you get sick, there is no hesitation to rush you to the doctor. Then she would come home and prepare food for you and the family.

Mother is such a caring person that she wonders about everything you needs to be prepared for life. A mother will always love her children no matter what. Sometimes she disconnects herself from her dreams; she is often overshadowed by maternal obligations and duties towards her child, She deserves much more than just one day of the year, I suggest we call the Month of May, Mothers Month.

Motivation speaker/author Carl Mathis
Author of “Life is what you make it – seven steps to moving forward”
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