It's Mother's Month

You know that old threat your mother made when she was truly exasperated with you... 'Just wait until you have children of your own...', yep you know she made it to each and every one of us moms at some point in our lives and by giving her grandchildren she gets to spend quality time laughing her heiny off waiting for us to say the same thing to our children...

Someone at some point decided to ensure that once a year Mother's Day would shine a spotlight on moms... but here at Acting Balanced there is no way that one day will shine a big enough spotlight on things for me... so I'm taking a month!

Starting today, and throughout May, I will be spotlighting guest bloggers, authors, and products and of course GIVEAWAYS!!!

I still have some space for guest posts if anyone is interested in sharing a story about their mom, about being a mom or just sharing something about moms in general!

I hope you enjoy sharing Mother's Month with me here on Acting Balanced!