Winner, Ending today and Bonus Entry!

I didn't get my nap in... and now I am overtired and restless... can't win... at least right now... hopefully tomorrow will be better.  But since I'm awake anyway... here is today's Winner, reminder and bonus entry:

One Giveaway ended last night and the winner of the Natural Vitality Natural Calm product is:

Sally· 1 week ago
I follow you Google friend connect. 

Sally, you are now on the 48 hour countdown clock!  Click here to submit your information on my winner's form.  You have also been sent an email with this information!

There is one giveaway ending at 11:59 PM tonight - and this one has been pretty popular :) so the more entries you have, the better your odds are:


Today's bonus entry, good for one entry into one giveaway is: "Too Hot To Handle' - I know that some of you are still struggling with the last vestiges of winter where you are, but it was almost unbearably hot here yesterday and I want my lovely spring weather back - it's not supposed to do this until JUNE when I'm leaving for Toronto... I am not a Southern Girl...