Two Blog Friends need votes...

Two of my bloggy friends are involved in popularity contests that will greatly benefit their families - if you have a minute to spare, please consider clicking on both links to vote:

Jessica writes: 
I am a stay at home mother of two great kiddos, one of whom is special needs. I am in a local contest to win a week long stay at a luxury all inclusive ranch which is only an hour from my house. The stresses of a special needs child are great and my husband and I really need this time to connect!

Carmen has entered the ecomom Healthy Home Makeover contest and has this to say:
Ecofriendly hardwood floors are my dream for my special needs child! She spends a lot of time on the floor or in her wheelchair, what we have now impedes her mobility and doesn’t allow her a lot of freedom. I injured my back a few years ago, lifting her from the tub. I’m no longer able to provide that part of her care since her bathroom isn’t assessable she isn’t able to have the privacy she needs when caregivers are there to attend to her. Winning would make getting it right so much easier!

Thanks everyone!