Tutoring, SAT Prep and more ...

Some of you may remember that Robyn took the SAT in January as part of the Duke Tip Program, and I have to say that she did pretty well, especially for a seventh grader who hasn't even studied some of the information required for the exam!

Having grown up in Canada, where standardized testing is not as prevelant, I can't help her learn about this process, so I thought it was important that she try out the test when she had the opportunity.  We had her experience it, not for the grade but for the learning experience of having to sit that kind of standardized test and to get an understanding of what kind of questions she'll be asked in the future, when her score really does count!

I've seen students who were unprepared for what lay ahead and because of this they were not able to perform to the best of their abilities.  With so much riding on a good SAT score, especially with some colleges tightening admission standards, I think that being prepared is more than half the battle.

I know that when Robyn takes the SATs in high school that I will be looking for ways to help her maintain her confidence and build her test taking skills.  StudyPoint offers test prep, tutoring and more to help students put their best foot forward, but in school and on these important standardized tests.  

I think that the more information and preparedness that a student has before taking the test, the better they can cope with the stress and the questions - what do you think?  Any advice for a mom of a 13 year old for her next attempt at the SAT?