Product Review - Hint Water

Some of you know that I'm a Canadian transplant to South Carolina and I have to say that one of the things I can't get used to is the heat - and this year the heat and even the humidity has already started here with a vengence... so I need to make sure that my family and I take extra precautions to stay hydrated while we are out and about.
It's sometimes hard to drink enough water and not crave something with flavor... and that often leads us down the path of drinking things that aren't good for us - too much sugar, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors and more... but sometimes plain, unflavored water is just not as appetizing as something with a 'hint' of flavor.  My family and I were sent six of the ten flavors of Hint Water to try, and I was impressed by what they didn't have in them - no calories, no sugar, nothing artificial!
My personal favorites were the blackberry and the pomegranate-tangerine.  I will say that because they are unsweetened, they do have a hint of sourness that can be either quite refreshing or a little off-putting.  Liam isn't quite sold on them - but Robyn has taken a shine to the watermelon flavor!

I really like that Hint is all natural and still basically just water and it gives me a chance to make sure that we stay hydrated in a fun way this summer while avoiding sodas, juices and other liquids that have too much going on!

You can find out more about hint water on their website:, on facebook, on their blog or on twitter.  You can also find hint water in Whole Foods and other stores around the nation!

I recommend checking out all of the flavors of hint water this summer to find your flavor!