A Message from Heather's Hubby

That Time of Year 

As a university professor this time of year is bitter sweet for me. On one hand, I love to see my soon to be former students graduate and move on with their lives and on the other, I miss them so when they leave. 

The special thing about being a professor is that I often get to see students transition from being kids to adults. The other day, we had our annual party for our graduates. One of our great traditions as a department is that we all stand up and give a piece of advice to our soon to be graduates. This year I told the story of when Robyn first came to live with us and our trials and tribulations as a result. 

 I now remember why I do not recount that story very often as I teared up pretty quickly but the story lead to the advice that no matter how tough life is, to surround yourself with love will always lead to great rewards. 

So for all of the graduates out there, remember to: 1) surround yourself with good people; 2) to be open to helping others and well as letting them help you; and 3) to remember that happiness is not in a dollar figure but by loving and being loved. No one writes that he worked overtime and no one writes that you made millions of dollars on your gravestone. On your gravestone people write that you are loving parent, a good friend and community pillar. So on this Easter Sunday, I make the same wish to you all that I made to my students last week. 

 May you all live happy and fulfilling lives!