Friday Fragments

Wow, I can't believe that it's April 29th already!!! The month has literally flown by!

The years have flown by too... my sweet, loving tweenage daughter is no more... 
she's officially a hormone raging, backtalking, know everything TEEN!

Happy 13th Birthday, Robyn!

I'm super psyched that my Autism Awareness Month has been a success, at least judging by the wonderful and thoughtful comments that have been left and the wonderful new blog friends I have made through connecting on my blog and others who have been immersed in sharing how our lives are impacted by Autism...

If you've missed anything, there is a permanent record of all of the posts on the Autism Awareness page!

Starting Sunday, I'm switching gears and taking a month to shine a spotlight on another worthy cause - Mothers!
Moms deserve more than one day to be honored... and gifted... and lauded and...
so there will be great reviews and gift ideas, giveaways, guest posts and more!

Watch for my Moms Month button to go up and grab it for extra entry giveaways!

On that note, if you are interested in guest posting about being a mom, a step-mom, a godmother, a pet mom, or having a mom... please shoot me an email or leave a comment on this post - I've got some spaces available and I'd love to have you write about mom(s)!

May also seems to be a busy month for giveaway hops!  I'm participating in several, so watch for them all - find great prizes and great new blogs to read!

As for family updates... Erik is officially a crawler... he's found first gear and is ramping up to second... and now he wants to pull himself up on furniture!  My baby is growing up way too fast..

We have Liam's IEP in a few weeks, so Wayne and I have been going back and forth about how we want to see his goals written and what we want included... I both love and loathe the IEP process... and all of it's edu-babble

Robyn, besides turning 13 today, got the highest score in her class on the English portion of their spring MAPS testing... wahoo!   She also improved in math but was beat out for top spot by an arch rival friend ;)

Wayne has to work Saturday - his spring semester final exam is set for Saturday morning... which in my mind sucks rocks, but the weather will still be great on Sunday, so we may be able to head back to the beach!

As for me, I've got a lot on my plate - next week is teacher appreciation week and I'm in charge of roundhing up gift certificates and little gifts from the parents, PTSA and sponsors - if anyone out there wants to donate something to a great group of teachers - let me know!

I should be heading to bed, since it's almost 11 PM, but I'm actually off to bake a cookie cake for Robyn to take to school in the morning, so hi ho, hi ho, it's off to the kitchen I go... and while I do, you should check out the other fraggers at:
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