Friday Fragments

Howdy fraggers and regular followers!

It's been an incredibly busy week here at Acting Balanced - I'm trying to keep up with my Autism Awareness Month event along with the regular blogging and boy am I not keeping up as well as I'd hoped... but I do have to say that I'm getting positive feedback about the guest posts, articles, reviews and giveaways, so it must be doing some good...

Part of the reason I am so fragged this week is that my 'stay put baby' doesn't stay where he's put any more!  Last week he learned to scoot backwards, then forwards and today he finally figured out that he could roll continuously to get where he wants to be... so no rest for the mommy, because he wants to be on the floor doing his thing constantly!

Liam has had a great week so far at school... I'm probably jinxing his teacher for tomorrow- but 3 straight 'great days' after one 'pretty good day' are a real record in our house!

Robyn is excited!  On Tuesday next week she and her classmates will be heading to Disney for a whirlwind trip - two days worth of science/english in the morning and rides in the afternoons, plus a bonus half day on Friday before making the 8 hour trek back home.  I am seriously considering what to send for the 4 teacher chaperones... I'm not sure I'd be brave enough for 16 hours on a bus and 3 days in Disney with 50 hormonal 12-14 year olds...

But before I send her off, we have a family Walk for Autism at our local park to go to on Saturday - it should be fun and a great fundraiser!

My house is a complete disaster... I'm not keeping up... lately when something has had to give, it's been the housework... but now that Erik is mobile, the rest of the weekend is going to be spent getting the place back into ship shape and kid-proofing everything again!

Well I'm off to try to get 3 hours sleep before the baby wakes up, so nighty-night fraggy friends...

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