Book Review and #Giveaway- #Autism and ADHD Diet

As a parent of a child on the spectrum, I want what's best for my son and part of that has been to follow a gluten-free lifestyle - we haven't gone so far as to cut Casein out, because our Dietitian recommended that we keep dairy for now, since Liam is also a vegetarian and needs the protein from milk, but I do significantly limit his intake.   I am pleased to be reviewing Autism and ADHD Diet: A Step-by-Step Guide to Hope and Healing by Living Gluten Free and Casein Free (GFCF) and Other Interventions by Barrie Silberberg

From the publisher:

"Huge changes"| "A different child"| "A miracle" | "Vast improvements"

The Autism & ADHD Diet: A Step-by-Step Guide to Hope and Healing by Living Gluten Free and Casein Free (GFCF) and Other InterventionsThis is what parents are saying about an amazing diet that is showing extraordinary results in helping children eliminate many traits and symptoms associated with autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, celiac disease, and other conditions. The Gluten-Free, Casein-Free (GFCF) Diet, as well as removing all artificial dyes and preservatives, is hugely effective for thousands of families.
The Autism and ADHD Diet is your complete guide to the GFCF Diet. Barrie Silberberg, a mother who honed her skills using the GFCF Diet with her son, who was diagnosed with ASD, gives you everything you need to know to put the diet into action with your child, including:
  • What the GFCF Diet is and why it's so effective
  • How to start the diet
  • Where and how to buy GFCF foods
  • How to avoid cross-contamination
  • How to understand labels on packaging
  • How to make this diet work day-to-day
Packed with parent-proven tips and the best resources for the diet, The Autism and ADHD Diet will alleviate all of your questions and provide a variety of ways to make this diet work best for you and your family.

My Review:
Reading the Autism and ADHD Diet: A Step-by-Step Guide to Hope and Healing by Living Gluten Free and Casein Free (GFCF) and Other Interventions was reassuring for me, in that for the parts of the diet we've chosen to follow and make sense for us, we are definitely seeing improvements in Liam's behavior, stimming and eye contact.  I really like that the Autism and ADHD Diet really does go step-by-step and includes lists of words that mean the same as 'gluten' in recipe lists and also words that mean 'dairy'.  While a GFCF diet is restrictive, it is not a starvation diet, I've learned through trial and error and really reading the product labels for foods, exactly what is in them and what Liam reacts to.  Keeping a food diary is important along with a behavior diary so that you can pinpoint areas where the two interact and adjust accordingly.

Another thing I really like about this book is the number of recipes included, especially this one:

Carrot Muffins
4 4oz jars of organic carrot baby food (or equivalent in homemade)
3/4 cup canola oil
2 cubs white sugar
3 eggs
3 cups GF all purpose baking flour
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp ground cloves
1/4 tsp ground ginger
1 tsp nutmeg
1 tsp GF baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
3/4 tsp salt
2 tbsp ground flaxseed meal (optional)

Preheat oven to 400F (205C). Line baking cups or grease with spectrum vegetable shortening.  
Mix carrots, oil, sugar and eggs in a large bowl.
In a medium bowl mix flour, spices, baking soda and baking powder.  
Add dry ingredients to the carrot mixture and mix.
Add flax seed meal for extra fiber and omega-3 fatty acids (optional)
Spoon into muffin cups.
Bake for 25 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean.
Makes 24 muffins that freeze well.

Heather's Note - I will add additional shredded carrot to my muffins sometimes - you can also add raisins if you like.

If you are thinking about a GFCF diet for Autism, ADHD or other reasons, this is an excellent book to help you get started!

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