AAM - #Autism in our house

Acting Balanced Autism Awareness MonthAutism is such a broad spectrum umbrella... my favorite quote is "When you meet one person with Autism, you meet one person with Autism" because it presents so differently - it's funny though - my husband was worried about the diagnosis but I was relieved because it opened up doors for services and programs that otherwise might have been closed... my son is in a pre-school program with several children with the diagnosis and each one presents different challenges and symptoms and each has different sensory needs... and social needs :)

Throughout the month, I will be posting my own story, which I know will be different from every other Autism story out there.  I will be highlighting some of the other stories, as well as offering posts from a variety of experts, as well as offering product and book reviews, giveaways and space for you to share your opinions.  

Anytime you see the Autism Awareness Month symbol you can click on it and go to the Autism Awareness month page which will archive all of the posts.

In our house, Autism is kinda like those gremlins from the Family Circus cartoons - Not Me, Ida Know - you know the ones that get blamed when something goes bump, gets spilled or just isn't right.  It's sometimes hard to separate the normal 4 year old things from the things that Liam can't control because of his diagnosis.   It doesn't rear its head every day, but when it comes into play, you definitely know its there.  

In our house. Autism takes some planning but doesn't change our family - We are still a never-stay-at-home family - and things are always changing at our house.  At school Liam sometimes struggles when change occurs, but since change always occurs at home, we rarely see this.

In our house, Autism is like a pesky mosquito, buzzing just out of reach- we often see marked progress in Liam's stimming behaviors or his ability to make eye contact, only to lose it again on bad days that can turn into weeks.

In our house, Autism is trial and error.  Liam has been on a gluten free diet for over a year and we saw some marked progress, but wonder if it was just him or the diet.  He doesn't seem to mind it though, so we continue with it.  We've also tried other supplements, but he tends to reject them, so we haven't pushed.  

In our house, Autism is a super power.  Autism is part of what makes Liam who he is, a singing, dancing, crazy man who loves to obsess over trucks and cars, cuddle with his stuffed animals and sometimes his mama, and make his belly button talk when you leave his shirt off...

In our house, Autism is a roller coaster - some days you're up, some days you're down and some days you just hang on for dear life and hope that the ride comes to a full and complete stop for a minute so you can catch your breath.

What is Autism like at your house?