Friday Fragments

I must be sleeping a little better this week, because I honestly don't feel as fragmented as usual... either that or my body has stopped processing and I've gotten used to living in an eternal fog...

Liam has been having Dr. Jeckyl/Mr. Hyde kind of days at school for the past few weeks.  He spent almost half of his free time in time out on Wednesday, and then had a 'Fabulous' day on Thursday... go figure.

Robyn has started to play in a recreational soccer league, coached by two of her teachers at school... she's having a blast, but finding out just how exhausting soccer really is - and all they've done is practice... her first game is Tuesday night, so we'll see how that goes.

Wayne has been off for Spring Break this week, which has been nice - we've actually been able to have adult conversations when we were both able to stay awake... we even made it out to lunch together one day.

Erik had his first Kindermusik class this week... he was funny - way more interested in flirting with the other kids than watching his mama... I shouldn't be surprised... he flirted with 15 people at the mall yesterday and we were only there for just over an hour... he's going to be my people person :)

I'm hosting a Philly Cooking Creme house party on Monday, sponsored by - and I have to say that the ones I've tried so far are yummy!

I have 7 reviews, some with giveaways to get posted this weekend - so watch for them if you are a regular follower of my giveaways!

Speaking of reviews and giveaways, over the past week or so I've noticed a trend towards companies that I pitch (or that pitch me) actually wanting to talk in person on the phone... anyone else been having more 'real' conversations about their review and giveaway process?

Okay, maybe I did have a few frags to share...  if you have some too... you should hook up your fragments here:
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