Book Review: Lowcountry Summer by Dorthea Benton Frank

As a Come'yon (come from yonder/not from here originally) to the Low Country, one of the first things I was told was that if I wanted to read books with true Low Country flavor, I had to pick up books by Dorthea Benton Frank.  I've now read several of her books, including Bulls Island and Sullivan's Island.  I haven't read the prequel to Lowcountry Summer, Plantation, but now that I've read Lowcountry Summer, it's on my reading list!

Lowcountry Summer (Plantation)About the book:

When Caroline Wimbley Levine returned to Tall Pines Plantation, she never expected to make peace with long-buried truths about herself and her family. The Queen of Tall Pines, her late mother, was a force of nature, but now she is gone, leaving Caroline and the rest of the family uncertain of who will take her place.
In the lush South Carolina countryside, old hurts, betrayals, and dark secrets will surface, and a new generation will rise along the banks of the mighty Edisto River.

My review:

This book is quintessentially Southern.  From the drama to the setting, it lives and breathes the South, and the Low Country in particular.  Ms. Benton Frank's writing style and word choices make the scenes come to life and I can feel my minds eye wandering around Tall Pines Plantation and Caroline's world.  The characters themselves are somewhat over the top and embody Drama with a Bold Capital D.  It's interesting to see Caroline and her family change and develop, both good and bad, after the death of the strong matriarch character.  This book took me on a roller coaster and while you saw most of the twists and turns coming, you really weren't always ready for the impacts they had on you, and on the characters in the book.

My favorite character is Caroline, manor born Southern woman who has always lived in her mother's shadow.  She has grace and poise but needs to develop some grit and strength to weather the storms created by her brother and his family.

I highly recommend this book for the start of your summer beach reading season!

About the Author:

Before she began her writing career, Ms. Frank was involved extensively in the arts and education, and in raising awareness and funding for various nonprofits in New Jersey and New York. At the present time she serves on the boards of The South Carolina Historical Society and The South Carolina Coastal Conservation League.
The author, who was born and raised on Sullivan’s Island in South Carolina, currently divides her time between New Jersey and South Carolina.
Find out more about Ms. Frank at her website, and follow her on Facebook.
Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the publisher through TLC Book Tours. All opinions are my own.