Winner and Bonus Entry!

Sorry all,

I am a little behind in getting the winner announcement made for: Crossing Borders
There were 60 comments and chose:


Nancye Davis· 
I would ask: "What is your favorite city? Why?" 

Congratulations Nancye!

You have 48 hours to fill out this form and claim your prize!

To everyone who didn't win this time around there are three great book giveaways going on now:

And these other fabulous giveaways:
Today's bonus entry can be used on any ONE of the above giveaways and must be used by 11:59 PM EST Tuesday February 22nd!

The bonus entry is: Dinosaur Block Party... 

For those who want the reason behind that one... Liam has been watching Dinosaur Train pretty regularly, to the point where instead of anything top 40, rock or even country, I have the Dinosaur Block Party song stuck in my head constantly... and I just had to share it with all of you...

Happy Tuesday all and don't forget to check out Stumble Tumble Tuesday if you haven't already - it's a ton of fun and a great way to promote your blog or website!