Best Laid plans, Happy Birthday Mom and ... bonus entry

I was going to stay home and write a ton of overdue posts... but it's a beautiful sunny day, without a cloud in the sky and 70 degrees out... so I'm playing hooky and taking the boys to the park...

That being said, I've got a bonus entry for you for ONE entry into any ONE giveaway, good until well after the sun has set here (11:59 PM EST today 2/27)

It's also my fabulous Mother, Judy's birthday today.. she claims she's 29, but since I'm 35, she must be at least 39 right?

Since I can't be with her to celebrate, since she's in snowy Toronto and I'm here in sunny SC, please leave your birthday wishes for her today on today's post, from wherever you are in the world...

And then you can use the bonus code: Happy Birthday Judy on one giveaway... including these that all end tomorrow:

Or these other great giveaways: