Review - Smead Organizers

If you are like me, you've started and abandoned more organizational systems than you care to count... especially when it comes to taxes... Now that tax time is here again, I am rushing around trying to make sure I have everything I need, and the paper is coming in fast and furious - Wayne's W2, the bank interest statements, the mortgage information... it all needs a home, so when I was asked to be part of a review for Smead, i jumped at the chance, because when I looked on their website, the products seemed straightforward and made sense for my needs.

I received two items to review, the Tax Organizer and the Jan-Dec File Organizer.  They are a great combination to keep me on track while I do taxes this year and get me ready for 2011's taxes too!

The Tax Organizer is a stand up product... that's not the endorsement, it's a fact - the tax organizer is designed to stand up on a bookshelf, but can also be easily stored in a file drawer.

It has 6 pockets, pre-made and blank labels so that you can decide how you want to use your organizer and then a tax check list that helps you sort and process all that information.

I really like that it's a simple organizer that I can put to use in my own way - I've decided to organize my tax information annually and use this as a place to keep my return and all of the paperwork associated with it.  I also like that they left me some blank labels so that I can use it the way I want to... The organizer is made of sturdy cardboard that should last for years to come!

Since the Tax Organizer is going to house my annual tax information, I need something that I can use to sort my bills and paperwork monthly, and Smead has the solution for that too...

The January - December File Organizer is a great expanding file that holds up to 900+ sheets of paper and is reinforced so that it won't split under the weight.  It has an elastic cord and a pull over flap so things don't go missing... I think this is really going to help keep me more organized in 2011 and I plan to use it to keep all my bills and medical receipts...

It's a simple thing, but when you're organizing, simple is usually best, at least in my experience... and that's why Smead products are so great!

Smead not only provided me with great tax prep organizers, they also have a really great article on Making Tax Time Easier that gave me some great tips for ensuring we get a great return!

Disclaimer: I received these products from Smead for the purpose of completing my review.  All opinions are my own.