My new shopping addiction: Gaggle of Chicks

There have been a plethora of shopping and sites - and I've joined some of them to get some good deals, but I have to say that finding Gaggle of Chicks has been one of the most fun!  Gaggle of Chicks offers nationwide and New York based deals FOR MOMS!

How to join the gaggle (for free!) and start saving on new deals everyday! 

Check the deal 
Once you sign up (for free!), you'll start getting daily emails from us with "today's deal." 
Act quickly: each deal expires after 48 hours! Deals are also posted on our website. 

Hatch the deal 
When enough moms like you purchase the same deal, it "hatches" and everybody saves! 

Share the deal 
Share the savings with your peeps! The more other moms buy, the more money you'll save

Why We're Different
Anyone can slash the price on a product. We offer so much more than that. Take a kid's haircut. We wouldn't just offer it at 50% off. We would make sure it was the best place for a haircut. We would use our kids as test cases (sorry guys). We'd give inside tips on how to navigate that particular salon. And we might also have an exclusive event there, like a Gaggle beauty day with hair-care tips and lice-prevention techniques.
We listen to what moms say and what they want. We do the legwork because we know what it's like, the good and the bad. And we take the stress out of making those eight million decisions a day so moms can focus on what matters most: their kids. Gaggle on!

My review:  This site has had several great mom-friendly deals - and the best part is, unlike other sites, you have more than 24 hours to do your purchasing!  I bought Erik a new car seat cover and found their purchasing process quick, easy and efficient and the company they worked with excellent!  I love that they not only get you the best deal, but that they take the time to make sure you are getting high quality!  I have to say that I was sad to miss out on one of the deals that went fast - but it was an incredible deal, so now I know that with the best deals people snap them up quick!

I really think you should pop over and check out Gaggle of Chicks!  If you register through my link, they'll start you off with a $10 credit towards your first purchase!  They also offer a $10 referral bonus for recommending your friends, that you get when they make their first purchase!

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Gaggle of Chicks and received a $50 gift code for the website to facilitate this review.”