I got what I wanted for Christmas... and BONUS ENTRY

I know that my Friday Fragments was a little maudlin... okay, a lot maudlin... it's hard being away from loved ones during the holidays... but I really did get some blessings this holiday season...

Everyone in my family, including my wonderful Mother in law, who suffered a heart attack just over a week ago, was healthy and happy wherever they were celebrating.

We had enough wonderful food to eat at all of our holiday meals.

There were gifts in all the stockings and under all the trees for everyone in the family.

Even the package from my sister, that was almost a week overdue, arrived in the mail on Christmas Eve so that I could wrap the kids gifts from her and put them under the tree!

I just want to say Thank You for a wonderful holiday.

I hope that next year I can be with my entire family for Christmas, but if I can't, I hope that our Christmas is still as wonderful as this year's was!

Did you get what you wanted for Christmas?

Since I did, here's another bonus entry - "It's good to give"