Product Review - Twin Draft Guard

One of the things that didn't last long on the doors of our new house was the weather stripping on the bottom... and boy is that annoying - particularly when you have young children who play on the floor... We have three doors to the outside world in our main living area - front door, back door and garage door and two of the three have huge draft issues, so when I had the opportunity to check out twin draft guard, I leaped at the opportunity...

What is Twin Draft Guard? (From the manufacturer)

Twin Draft Guard BrownTwin draft guard insulating device is an easy to install draft stopper that protects both sides of doors making it superior to traditional draft stoppers in conserving energy thus reducing home heating and air conditioning bills. Save 12 to 15-Percent on your heating bills with this economical patented device by insulating front, back, basement, and doors leading to the garage, bulkhead, or unoccupied rooms. Product cost recouped with energy savings during the first month of use. Quick and easy to install device slides under door and protects both sides with high density insulating foam. Moves with the door; no repositioning needed; works while you are out. Device helps keep out drafts, dust, insects, odors, and noise. Use on both interior and exterior doors. Easily slides over carpet or hard surface flooring. Outer cover is machine washable. Energy saver fits doors up to 36-Inch wide. 

My review:

We had our first few really cool nights here in South Carolina this week and the first thing I noticed was how cold it was in front of our front door - and with Liam playing on the floor and the new baby going to be joining him in the next few months for 'tummy time', it was prudent to find a solution and quick!  

It literally took less than 5 minutes to cut the twin draft guard to size and slide it on the door... I felt a difference in temperature immediately and I truly believe the claim that I will save on my heating bills in the first month - because the difference was immediate and amazing.

If you have drafty doors, I highly recommend checking out twin draft guard.


Twin draft guard is available from many sources, including major retailers and

On Amazon, I found two great deals - 

Twin Draft Guard Brown gets you one Twin Draft Guard for $11.39

Hampton Direct Twin Draft Guard Window/Door Insulating Device with Over-the-Door Hook, Brown, 2-Pack gets you two Twin Draft Guards and a bonus Over-the-Door Hook for $19.99 

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