Product Review and Cyber Monday Deal - WarmlyYours!

It's funny how cold my feet sometimes get when I'm sitting at my desk typing away... that's probably why I spend most of my time wrapped up in blankets on the couch with my laptop on my lap ...  but not any more!  I received a wonderful WarmlyYoursunder the desk heater to test!

I have to say that WarmlyYours is staying in my online rolodex for when I'm ready to redo the floors in my house, because I know that the next floor I put in WILL have radiant heat and that's exactly what they do... from my little under the desk heater to heated tile floors and more, Warmly Yours offers a whole range of alternative heating options for your home and even outside!  I live in the south, so a heated driveway would probably be overkill, but I would have probably killed for it if I still lived in rural Pennsylvania or especially when we lived in Northern Ontario...
The Small under the desk heater that I received fit perfectly under my desk and provides just the right amount of warmth to keep me interested in staying at my desk!  The warmth radiates throughout my body when I sit there, and it warms the area under my desk quickly!  

From the company:

The WarmlyYours Under Desk Heater is a very stylish solution to an age old problem – It’s just too cold at your desk. This plug-in floor mat is designed to fit conveniently under any desk, providing extra warmth and comfort, when and where you need it.

A WarmlyYours Under Desk Heater provides the same level of comfort and warmth as a standard space heater at a fraction of the energy use. A typical convection space heater can consume up to 1500 watts per hour, while an Under Desk Heater uses less than 120 watts. This energy efficient design, utilizing radiant heating technology, keeps you warm and comfortable while lowering your energy costs.
I really love how energy efficient it is - and it stays cool enough that I don't have to worry about using it near the kids - especially since Liam often likes to climb around under my desk ... if you're someone who tends to get 'cold feet' at work, or often needs to keep a sweater and extra socks at the office - you want to put this on the top of your Christmas List!

Right now, WarmlyYours has a Cyber Monday deal 
and they've slashed the regular price of the under the desk heater from 
$89 to just $49 and they're including SHIPPING (in the lower 48 US States)
but this only lasts for 24 hours on Monday, November 29th, 
So if you know someone who needs this heater, November 29th is the time to buy!!!