Friday Fragments

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I feel like I'm living my life in fragments this week... Erik was born at night, so has a few weeks of adjustment before realizing his vampire-like habit of sleeping all day and 'sucking' all night doesn't do wonders for mommy's lifestyle and general mood...

He's a breast-feeding champ, but because of his peculiar schedule, I've been pumping and feeding him extra at night and yes, we have been supplementing too... I'd rather him be full and happy (read big baby= big eater) than cranky and hungry, so if he is super cluster feeding at night, I sometimes slip in a bottle of formula to get me a few extra minutes sleep before his next wake up...

In other news, Robyn's school had their first 9 weeks celebration and she won an award for most improved in Math this 9 weeks, and made the school Honor Roll for having an over 93% average!!!  So proud :)

I have been neglecting my blog, my email and my bloggy friends lately.. please forgive this sleep deprived mama, I read my blogroll and email when I'm bf'ing and it severely limits my ability to comment and return emails... I'm hoping to get caught up this weekend...

My sister got married this weekend past - Robyn was a bridesmaid - I still haven't seen all the pics yet, but once I do, I will post them to show you what a beautiful bride Catherine was, and what a wonderful bridesmaid Robyn was - wish I could have been there, but the universe had me having a baby the day before... at least I'll never forget her anniversary ;)

I am addicted to The Price is Right on Facebook - my husband started playing it but now I'm hooked!

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