Book Review and Giveaway - The Adolescent Owner's Manual

The Adolescent Owner's ManualIf you have tweens or teens , you need this book The Adolescent Owner's Manual by David Laing Dawson.  

From the Publisher: 

A refreshing look at the puzzling world faced by today's teens and their parents who are trying to guide them. Incorporating advances in neuroscience, psychiatrist David Dawson clearly describes how teen brains work and offers practical advice to baffled parents in a fun and relaxing style. At the same time, he helps parents have confidence in their innate good instincts and solid understanding of their own children. Also included are significant behavioral warning signs that may indicate the early stages of serious mental illnesses. Dawson has the rare ability to make complex and potentially dull reading entertaining and instructive. In addition to being a psychiatrist, he is also a successful mystery writer and film director. Those skills enhance this book and provide some down to earth help to parents.

My Review:

I've learned two things since my daughter Robyn turned twelve - she's not a child anymore and she's become a really tall toddler again.  Right now my daughter is a mess of raging hormones, emotions and stress and so am I... for different reasons, so when I was asked to review The Adolescent Owner's Manual, I knew I was going to do it, if only to gain some more insight into what to expect in the next stage...

David Laing Dawson delivered what I needed to read in spades.  It reaffirmed many of the parenting techniques and strategies that Wayne and I have been using up to now, and gave me some concrete examples of how to tweak them to make Robyn's teen years more enjoyable for all of us.

I also love the way this manual is outlined.. it starts with 'Getting to know your Adolescent', works through 'Performance and Limitations of your Adolescent', includes an 'Owner's Maintenance Schedule' and my personal favorite section - 'Troubleshooting' with a subsection - Owner/Operator error.  The book also offers Work Arounds, a section about serious issues like depression, ADD/ADHD and others, and finally a FAQ section that deals with specific issues like cars, sex, shoplifting, drugs and more.

This book is frank, open and honest about what to expect - it was like reading what to expect when you're expecting a teenager... I am definitely keeping this book on my shelf for future reference and I'll be re-reading it before Liam and Erik hit adolescence too!

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