Product Review - Preschool is Cool DVD

Liam was jumping up and down when I opened this product for review, because it features one of his very favorite characters... ELMO!

Preschool Is Cool: Counting With Elmo Preschool Is Cool: Counting With Elmo is a big hit at our house.  This DVD, which runs 50 minutes, is all about counting!  Liam loves how Professor Grover needs help to count to ten and then beyond...  and even better, the little vignettes with songs, games and stories that help reinforce each area of learning make it so much fun.  I love that it goes beyond basic counting to introduce skip counting and basic mathematics - it's a little above Liam's current abilities, but he'll grow into it, I'm sure.

Because of Liam's autism, he's only recently learned to count, and is getting really good at it, so any reinforcement from his favorite red monster is great!  He'll sit through the entire video too... which is great for a mom who's 8.5 mos pregnant :)

You should check out Preschool Is Cool: Counting With Elmo for any children 2-5 who are into Elmo and Sesame Street and who can use some counting reinforcement!

Disclaimer: I received a promotional copy of Preschool Is Cool: Counting With Elmo for the purpose of completing this review. All opinions are my own (and my 4 year old's)