Happy Thanksgiving Canada!!!

I am thankful for:

Family -

And asking for extra good thoughts for my wonderful grandparents who both spent time in the hospital this weekend... my grandfather has been in since the beginning of the week with issues with his heart.  He's been stabilized, but now must have physical therapy because he's been in bed for a week and was already having trouble walking, but we're hopeful he'll  be home soon!
My grandmother started taking a new medication and had a reaction to it... fortunately she was treated and released and is home resting... but extra thoughts would be appreciated

I'm also thankful for my little sister who is very understanding about why Wayne, Liam and I won't be able to travel to her wedding at the end of the month... Baby E's arrival is either going to be just before or just after she ties the knot with her fiancĂ©... and as much as we'd love to be there, she knows our good wishes will be.

I'm thankful too, for my parents who were here last month and helped get ready for baby E, and for my in-laws, who will be arriving in a few weeks to help us manage our new addition!

I'm also thankful for my darling hubby, wonderful daughter and fabulous son and looking so forward to meeting baby E!

Missing all my friends and family at home and wishing you yummy turkey and fabulous cranberries...