Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

It's been a busy week and I'm trying to rush around like a mad chicken in case I get put on bed rest or other modifications at my dr appt on Monday... I've got 31 days left until my due date (which everyone I know doubts that I'll make...) so I'm trying to get both my regular house and my bloggy house in order before baby E comes...

Speaking of Baby E - you'll notice that he has a new moniker- his daddy presented me with an adorable birthday/mommy gift of a silver necklace with all my kiddos first initials on it... guess that means he's officially settled on a first name... still can't share it with you, but he's put his money where his mouth is by giving me something with E's initial...

Liam is making progress at school with his potty training - not doing so well at home, but his teacher wants me to trick him out with undies and changes of clothes instead of pull ups for next week... to see if he'll a) take the plunge and use the potty and b) at least let them know specifically when he goes... I see a tonne of laundry in my future... but it's for a great cause

Robyn is doing well - although she's finding that she's got a lot of projects on the go right now and as of Thursday morning, she's re-added Strings to her list of things to do... particularly in the morning!

I'm also proud that the book fair that I worked so hard to put together has met it's original goal of $3000 sold - and we still have two days of sales to go!

Back to Baby E - I've set up an expect-net game if anyone is interested - you can go here to guess the birth stats...

I'm part of the Fall Follower Giveaway Tour and it's really boosted my bloggy stats - I have almost 1000 google followers, almost 600 twitter followers and am slowly creeping up with my facebook fan page too!

If you want to become a google follower and enter - you can WIN $750 US CASH!!! If you are already a google follower and you haven't entered... well... let me just say.. why not???  This giveaway is open worldwide!!!

There are also a couple of other great giveaways ending soon - they're on top of the blog, so click through and check them out!!!