BPC Review and discount - The Wiggy Roll

What on Earth is the WiggyRoll you ask?

The WiggyRoll is a fantastic invention that I think every parent of an infant needs - it's a blanket that's specifically designed to work with your carrier/car seat to prevent slippage, keep baby warm and it stays rolled up and attached to the car seat when not in use!

From their website:

Introducing the first ever, easy to use, infant carrier blanket! Made with durable 100% anti-pill fleece, the WiggyRoll is a long-lasting way to keep your bundle of joy snug and warm. Using precise measurements, the WiggyRoll neatly tucks into any carrier with no overhang. The WiggyRoll offers a detachable fastening system that allows for quick removal without causing any disturbance to your baby. Our unique, compact design provides convenient storage both on your carrier or in any baby bag. Patent Pending

My review:
The hardest part of this review was honestly making up my mind about which cool blanket I thought Baby E would like... turns out it wasn't my call at all, Robyn proclaimed that Baby E needed the Dino Camo WiggyRoll to complement our stroller colors.  Although Baby E is strenuously maintaining his place in my womb, we went ahead and attached the Wiggy Roll to his Carrier in preparation for coming home from the hospital - it was incredibly easy and fast - it just slipped onto the carseat and presto, we were in business... One of the multitude of stuffed animals was our official product tester and boy, he just didn't want to get out of that carrier :)

I've also tested the no-pilling claims that Wiggy Roll made, by washing our Wiggy Roll several times - and it's still as soft and pliable as when I first opened the package!

I think that the Wiggy Roll is a fabulous concept and it will make getting Baby E in and out of the car so easy this winter, because the blankets won't be slipping all over the place and he'll be warm and snug in his carrier, just waiting to go!

Buy your Own Wiggy Roll:

Retailing for just $29.95, the Wiggy Roll comes in a wide range of color/print choices and there's an additional option of purchasing the Wiggy Roll and Snail Cap in combination for just $31.95!

As an Acting Balanced reader, you can also save 30% off any order at WiggyRoll by using the code WR30OFF