Book Review - The Mermaid's Mirror (YA)

The Mermaid's MirrorThe Mermaid's Mirror by L.K. Madigan is a Young Adult fiction about love, loss and finding your place in the world.  I was pleased to review an online ARC from thanks to the publisher.

From the publisher:

There's something drawing Lena to the water. It's making Lena sleepwalk to the beach. It's compelling her to surf even if it means putting herself in grave danger and going against her father's wishes.
A woman emerges from the waves—a woman with a silvery tail.
She has a message.
She has a key.
When Lena finds a brown leather sea chest and uses the key to unlock it, she has no choice but to look into the watery depths of her secret past through the mysterious mermaid's mirror . . . Lena's life will never be the same.

My review:
This is one of those books written for a young adult audience that transcends the genre - the story revolves around a young woman, Lena, whose strange behavior worries her family and friends, but the compulsion she feels for the ocean outweighs many other things.  As her sixteenth birthday draws nearer, she makes decisions that will affect her family, friends and her own life...

Throughout the story she faces challenges that most teens will identify with - the battle to be one's own self vs. the person that our parents want us to be, first boyfriends and young love, and the need to make changes in her life to be the person she needs to be.

I have to say that in my pregnant state, I cried at the end of The Mermaid's Mirror... the story was that moving for me.   The author's use of imagry, language and character weave a beautiful tale that I would recommend to anyone searching for a beautiful coming of age tale that includes mermaids with tails.... I am going to recommend The Mermaid's Mirror to both my 12 year old daughter and her school librarian for consideration ...

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