More questions... and answers

I was tagged to participate in a little exercise by Kristen at All the Proof I need.  Here's how it works: I answer her eight questions and then tag eight people to answer 8 questions that I make up. Sounds simple, right? :)

1. What is your most memorable family moment?
There are so many... but probably the birth of my son!

2. If there is something you could do over again, would you?
I'd love to do College over again... maybe take business courses instead of history :)

3. How have you handled struggles differently compared to the past?
I'm much more Zen now... I don't let nearly as much get

4. How often do you enter the bloggy world?
Multiple times a day... what can I say, I'm addicted ;)

5. What is your biggest advice you give the world?
Make sure you keep your priorities straight

6. What is your favorite quote? And why?
I don't really have one favorite quote... I just haven't found it yet

7. What holiday brings you the most joy?
Any holiday that I can spend with family

8. What is your favorite part of the week? And why? I'm a big fan of Saturday mornings - they're usually quiet and uncluttered at our house... no one has to rush to get anywhere...

I am tagging the following people:

Cheryl from A Little Bit Quirky
Dinah from Dinah Gogina
tlcfree2bme from Shhhhh! Just between U and Me
Crunchy Beach Mama 
Lynn from Autism Army Mom
Amiko from My Name is Amiko

and you ... I'm fading fast and since I am sleepy, I'm copping out of finding 2 more people... if you reply here and want to play, I will be happy to add you to the post for the back link...

My 8 questions:

1. What was the last book you read?  Would you recommend it?

2. How often do you post on your blog?  Do you have a schedule?

3. What is your favorite blog topic?

4. What did you have for lunch today?

5. Where do you get your news?

6. How do you handle stress?

7. What is your all time favorite movie?  Why?

8. What is one thing that people would be surprised to learn about you?

Places I'm hopping: