Friday Fragments

Some updates:

Ach Baby has dropped and expanded... my belly is HUGE and now low... I have just over 5 weeks to go and if this kid keeps trying to expand his real estate holdings, I may just end up with an outie...

I have my 5 week dr appt on Monday with my first internal... I am hoping everything goes well, because it's a busy week!

One of my lovely friends has planned a little baby shower for Ach Baby on Saturday morning - should be fun!

Robyn's ticket is booked for her first flight without us... still debating about whether to get the unaccompanied minor service... it's not required, but might be helpful - anyone have suggestions?   She's twelve and very mature for her age, has flown with me several times and knows the routine of both the airports she needs to go through... I know she'll just sit on her laptop with the itunes cranked or reading a book... but as a mom, I worry...

As for Liam, he's seriously getting the concrete words, spelling and numeracy, but is still struggling with social language... it's to be expected but as a mom, I'm looking forward to the day he starts having conversations...
He did really well today making eye contact though, so it's a step in the right direction :)

I'm getting more excited about the baby-pregnancy-new mommy celebration at the end of October - I'll have some new sponsors to announce later today (Friday) that will be part of either reviews or giveaways or both during the week of October 20-27th!!!
I won't be posting as much for the next week or so - it's a busy time at Robyn's school - I'm in charge of the book fair... and it's an all consuming thing, but should be fun!   I plan to try to sit with my feet up as much as possible - there are some other great volunteers helping out!

That's it for now - hope everyone else has had a great week and I look forward to reading your Friday Fragments!

Oh yeah... by the way - I launched a new meme yesterday called Thirsty for Comments Thursday - if you missed it last week, be sure to follow my blog for a reminder to link up!