Product Reviews - Dryel On the Go and 3 in 1 Spray

I love testing out new laundry products... cause you know that the math in my house causes Laundry to multiply and socks to divide, so when I got the opportunity to be part of a team to test Dryel® products, you know that I leapt at the opportunity!

I was sent three products, the first two I will talk about in this post and then the second post will be a review for the third!

The first product I tested was the Dryel On the Go™ Stain Pen! The Dryel On the Go™ Stain Pen is so handy!  Unlike competitor pens, the Dryel On the Go™ Stain Pen has a rubber head with bristles to help draw up the stain and massage in the stain lifter!  Since I have been pregnant, it seems like my favorite pastime is to see how much food can drop on my belly in one sitting... and the Dryel On the Go™ Stain Pen has lifted tomato sauce, mustard and teriyaki off of my favorite blouses and shirts!  I love that it also can work as a pre-treater for tough laundry stains and dry-cleaning, because it's safe on dry-clean only fabrics!

The second product I tested was the Dryel 3-IN-1 Touch-Up Spray™, which is designed to extend the life of your clothes between washing or dry-cleaning treatments! All you do is:

  • Spray a light mist evenly on fabric.
  • Use more spray in heavily wrinkled, smelly or clingy areas.
  • Use hands to press and smooth away wrinkles.
  • Air dry or dry in the dryer.
It's great for freshening clothes, reducing odor, releasing wrinkles and helping to control static!  My husband loves this product - it's great for him to leave at work, because he's notorious for leaving his suit jacket hanging on his coat rack for a few days, and here in the heat of South Carolina, a little pick me up is just what the doctor orders sometimes, after a brisk walk across campus!  It's also great for sweaters, jackets and will be a travel staple for us, especially when Wayne has conferences to attend, or I finally make it to a big bloggy conference!

Overall, I am planning to make both of these products part of our everyday life!  They are great in a pinch, and for augmenting your regular laundry products!

Be sure to check out Dryel's website for great money saving coupons and more, so you can try these products for yourself!

And don't forget to check out my review of The Dryel® Starter Kit, coming up shortly!

Disclaimer: This is a Mama Buzz review. The product reviewed was provided by Dryel® and oneCARE. All opinions are my own.