Friday Fragments and Blog Hops...

It's been a busy week in Acting Balanced land... we're starting to get into the swing of things, now that school has started for two of my three scholars... Wayne's official first day of the semester is next Tuesday, so he's still on prep time.. but he's started into his school schedule routine because of necessity!

Before the kids started back, we had one last hurrah at Folly Beach on Tuesday for Surfers Healing day - where Liam got to 'hang 10' and surfed his way onto the local TV channel's news report... I don't blame them for picking him... with that grin :) - Here's the link if you missed it 

Robyn jumped right back into school like she never left... although she is thankful that they changed the start time of her school so she can sleep longer!

Liam is taking a little longer to remember all the classroom expectations, but that will come... he's also not happy that they changed his exit routine... he liked the door he went out last year and has spent the last two days having a meltdown because of the change...

As for me, I got together with some of my mommy and mommy-to-be friends for my Medela party and talked about all aspects of breast feeding - it was a neat experience... one mom has been breast feeding for 20 months and is in the process of starting to wean her little girl so that she can start all over again :)  One party goer just found out she's expecting and another brought her adorable little guy - just a few weeks old and still confusing his days and nights...

In true pregnacy brain style, I forgot to take pictures... but I will have more to talk about tomorrow - and will have two great Medela gift bags to give away too!

My project for this weekend is to watch hubby put together Ach Baby's new Travel System so that we can road test it and review it for CSNStores on Monday!

Also on the agenda... finishing some other great book and product reviews and checking out the LBS Tea Party!

If you're a new visitor, please feel free to poke around and stay a while!  If you're cold, I have a pot of hot tea steeping and if you're someplace hot and humid like me, there's a glass of sweet tea here too...  I've even got enough for my wonderful return visitors and frequent readers!

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