Salt Art...

You all probably know my couponning and saving obsession... but one of the by-products of that obsession is sometimes overbuying 'freebies'... one of the things I have been able to get free all winter has been salt - so every time I need around a buck to make up a trip to be able to use a $ off $$ coupon, I reach for another $0.50 off salt coupon which doubles to $1.00 at my Publix and buy the $0.89 canister of salt...

I have 5 canisters of salt in my cupboard now... not including the one that has been open for almost 1 year, but is finally coming to an end... so I decided to find some other way to use my salty bounty and came up with these cute art ideas that I thought I should share with you.... I am going to try and substitute gluten free flour in some of the recipes to let Liam participate in some of the projects...

Texturized Finger Paint (one of many great paint recipes on one page at, so I copied and pasted it here..._

This paint, made from only the most basic ingredients, is not your typical smooth fingerpaint; however, young students seem to enjoy the grainy mixture, and they also like the feel of the finished product.

1 cup flour
1/2 cup salt
3/4 cup water
food coloring OR tempera paint

Mix flour and salt, then add water. Mix untill all three ingredients are thoroughly blended. Add a few drops of liquid food coloring or tempera paint (dry or liquid) until desired color is reached. If necessary, you may add additional flower and salt in the following proportions: two teaspoons of flour, followed by one teaspoon of salt; alternate until desired consistency is reached.

Another one of many on one page so I copied it from
Salt Paint
1/8 Cup liquid Starch; 1/8 Cup Water; 1 Tbsp. Tempera Paint

Mix together and apply to paper with a brush. Keep stirring mixture. Paint will crystallize as it dries.

This one - Salt Art Pictures actually came across my desktop today from a blogger friend at adventures-in-mommy-land  where she has detailed pics of her son's progress and art!

This one from is along the same lines as the one above, but adds a step to make multi-colored salt!

Of course there is always bakeable Salt Dough - many recipes... many ideas but here are a few links:

These ones are probably for older children but look fun! 
Salt Textures for watercolours from